|| श्री कृष्ण महाराज धनी अवधुत ||
 || Chaturpata Atharvan Ved ||
|| Krushna Avdhut Devesthan, Karla ||

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    || Krushna Avdhut Devasthan ||

                     Spiritual Knowledge of Sat Yavaga              
    || Krushna Avdhut Devasthan ||
                Karala, Taluka : Chandur-Railway, District : Amaravati,
                State : Maharastra (Vidharbha), Country : India
    Karala Devthan Image

    Karla is the Chaturpati Krishna Avdhoot Pantha 's ancient Chaturpati Krishna 's Avdhut Devasthan. This is one of the ancient Raul of Purna Avatar Shri Krishna G. This Karla Devasthan is one of branch formed by Devman Ji Avatar. It is called as Karla Dand of Chaturpati Krishna Avdhut Panta, which is initially form by BhaktaYogi Raghuji Rajput and Saint DevamnJi in 17 th century. And then established at 18th century through Gadhi-Pati Punaji, Saint HenduJi, and Saint BhaktaGan in this Mitralok. Karla is the main Devasthan of Chaturpati krushna Avdhut pantha's Devmanji Karla Dand.

    From 18 century, this Devasthan inspired to Chaturpata Krishna Avdhoot Pantha's devotees. And the work of this Pantha's(sect), devotees are inspired and powered by Lord Shri Krishna. Inspiration and power etc. of the whole incarnation of Shri Krishna is going to visit the devotees home. And announce Chaturpata Atharvan Veda's anthological Bhajan Ovies along with Chaturpata Spiritual Knowledge to his devotees.

    Sneaky Krishana is standing on baholi (platform) here also along with Devamanji for taking care of the incomming Satya yavga's works done through his Sat Bhakta Bhajani, Yogi, Sainta's etc. Also from here : He gives inspiration and strength to the devotees of Chaturapti Krishna Avadhut Panth's Yogi, Saint, Sat Bhakta, Bhajani etc. of this Karla Dand. Read Krishnamrut for More details.

    Chaturpata Krushna Avdhut Pantha's Bhajani Yogis and Bhaktas etc. of this Karla branch (Dand) strongly belived that : Devman is Avatar of Kashi region's Vallabha Rrishi. And this Vallabha Rrishi is Avatar of Avaleha Muni of Sat Yaug. Hence Devman is Avatar of Avaleha Muni Avatar; Shree Vallabha Rrishi of Kashi(Banaras) region.

    Vallabha Rrishi knows that : At this time , appeared Krishna of Vidharbha region is going to become Purna Avatar. And Purna Avatar Chowkadi (Group of 4 Avatars) formation will done through this Krishna. For doing Krishna's Bhakti and become one of the Avatar of Chowkadi etc. purpose, Vallabha Rrishi orally call to Krishna Ji from Kashi region for taking permission to appeared on his formaly Bhakta Raghuji Rajput's home.

    After taking permission from Krishna, Avleha Avatar Shree Vallabha Rrishi appeared at Raghuji Rajput's home. Raghuji called it as Devman. Appered Devman become Pise Bhakta of Krishna Ji and become one of the Avatar of Purna Avatar Chowkadi of Krishna Ji. This Devman Avatar jointly work with Krishna Ji, Puna Ji and Hengdu Ji for bringing incoming Sat Yavug. And helping and inspiration to Chaturpati Krishna Avdhut Pantha's Bhakta, Bhajani, Yogi etc. in vivid forms.

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