|| श्री कृष्ण महाराज धनी अवधुत ||
 || Chaturpata Atharvan Ved ||
|| Krushna Avdhut Devesthan, Rajurwadi ||

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    || Krushna Avdhut Devasthan ||

                     Spiritual Knowledge of Sat Yavaga              
    || Krushna Avdhut Devasthan ||
                Rajurwadi, Taluka : Arvi, District : Wardha,
                State : Maharastra (Vidharbha), Country : India
    Rajurwadi Devasthan Image

    This is Chaturpati Krishna Avdhoot Pantha 's ancient Chaturpati Krishna 's Avdhut Devasthan of Purna Avatar Shri Krishna G, which is built before 18 century.

    Rajurwadi is Main Devasthan of Chaturpati Krishna Avdhoot Pantha's Palat Dand Promoter King Balaji Raje. Sneaky Krishana is standing on baholi(platform) to take care of the incomming Satyavaga's works done through his Sat Bhajani, Yogi, Santa's etc. He gives inspiration and strength to the devotees of Chaturapti Krishna Avadhut Panth's Yogi, Saint, Sat Bhakta, Bhajani etc.

    This Rajurwadi Devasthan / Raoul from the beginning of the 18th century. This Rajurwadi Devasthan / Raoul is giving the inspiration from the 18th century in the city of Kheda-pada and city's of Vidarbha region of Maharastra through Chatrapati Krishna Avadhut Pantha(sect), established in 18th century Gadhi-Pati Punaji in this Mitralok. And the work of this Pantha's(sect), devotees are inspired and powered by Lord Shri Krishna. Inspiration and power etc., the whole incarnation of Shri Krishna is going to visit the devotees home.

    This temple was corpuscular by Mandalik King Balaji Raje of Rajurwadi area Vidarbha. King Balaji Raje build this Devasthan.

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