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 || Chaturpata Atharvan Ved ||
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    || Chaturpata Atharvan Ved ||

                   Spiritual Books Library Section 

    || Literature & Grantha's of ||

    || Scientist Acharya 's ||

    Download OR Read : "Scientist Acharya 's Literature & Grantha 's of Ancient India"

     || Scientist Acharya 's Literature & Grantha 's ||

    || Scientist Acharya 's Literature & Grantha 's of Ancient India||
    || Literature & Grantha Sahitya of ||
    || Aryabhatta, Bharadwaj Muni, Bhaskaracharya, Kanad Muni ||
    || Grantha 's of : Aryabhatta ||
    Aryabhatta was a fifth century 's
    Astronomer, Astrologer, Physicist
    and Mathematician. In mathematic :
    Method of denoting big decimal numbers,
    Discovery of Zero,Number theory,
    geometry, trigonometry and
    Beejganita(algebra) given by him in :

    Aryabhatta (SN-EN)
    आर्यभट्ट (संस्कृत-इंग्रजी)
    || Grantha 's of : Brahmgupta ||
    In 7th century, Brahmgupta
    introduced negative numbers and
    operations on zero into mathematics.
    In multiplication, he used place value
    as it is used today.
    He wrote his mathematical system in

    Brahm Sputa Siddantika SN, HN
    (संस्कृत, हिंदी)
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    Brahma Sphuta Siddhanta by Brahmagupta
    (SN-HN) Parts 1 to 4 with Sanskrit Commentary
    by Sudhakara Dvivedin 1902.
    (संस्कृत-हिंदी) भाग १,२,३,४
    || Book 's of : Vedic mathematics ||
    Vedic mathematics
    Teachers Manual
    वैदिक गणित शिक्षक मार्गदर्शिका हिंदी
    Ancient Indias contribution
    to Mathematics
    by AP Gupta
    Maharishi Vedic mathematics (EN)
    by John Muehlman
    Vedic Mathematics EN
    Vedas and Development of
    Arithmetic Algebra
    -by Anand Tularam
    || Grantha 's of Bharadwaj Muni ||
    Brihad Vimana Shastra
    from Yantra Sarvaswa
    of Bharadwaja Muni (Sanskrit-Hindi)
    बृहद् विमानशास्त्र
    Vimanika Shastra (EN)
    Article by G.R.Josyer
      वैमानिक शास्त्र -इंग्रजी भाष्य
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    Article on Vimanika Shastra
    PDF Collection of article (EN) by CAV on
    Modern Study of
    Ancient Brihad Vimana Shastra
    Download Individual Article on Vimanika
    Critical Study Of The Work Vaimanika Shastra
    Ancient Flying Saucers of Atlantis Lemuria
    Aero Mechanics in Ancient Aircraft (EN)
    || Grantha 's of : Kanad Muni ||
    Kanad was a sixth century scientist of
    Vaisheshika School, one of the
    six systems of Indian philosophy.
    He got the name Kanad, because even
    as a child, he was interested in
    very minute particles called “kana”.
    According to Kanad, material universe
    is made up of kanas, (anu/atom)
    which cannot be seen
    through any human organ.
    Vaisheshik Darshan [Sanskrit-Hindi]
    by Pandit Rajaram (1919) Arya Samaj
    वैशषिक दर्शन संस्कृत-हिंदी
    Download other books from our page
    Article on Science Tech Sanskrit Ancient India
    || Grantha 's of : Bhaskaracharya ||
    In 12th Century, Bhaskaracharya
    is famous for his book
    Siddanta Shiromani
    It is divided into four sections :
    Lilavati (Arithmetic),
    Beejaganit (Algebra)
    Goladhyaya (Sphere) and
    Grahaganit (mathematics of planets).
    In the nineteenth century,
    an English man, James Taylor,
    translated Lilavati and made this
    great work known to the world.

    Lilavati of Bhaskaracharya (SN)
    लिलावती -भास्कराचार्य संस्कृत
    Lilavati of Bhaskaracharya (SN-HN)
    -by Lavanalal Jha
    लिलावती -भास्कराचार्य संस्कृत-हिंदी
    Siddhanta Siromani (SN)
    सिध्दांत शिरोमणी (संस्कृत)
    Siddhanta Siromani part-1 (SN-EN)
    by Arkasomayaji
    सिध्दांत शिरोमणी (संस्कृत-इंग्रजी )
    Siddhanta Siromani SN-MR
    सिध्दांत शिरोमणी
    Laghu Siddhanta Kaumudi
    लघु सिध्दांत कौमुदी संस्कृत-हिंदी
    Goladhyaya with Tikas(SN-MR)
    गोलाध्याय संस्कृत-मराठी
    (वासनाभास्य तथा मारिचिटीका सहित)
    Bij-Ganit of Bhaskaracharya (SN)
    बीजगणित -भास्कराचार्य संस्कृत
    BHASKARACHARYA in web page (EN)
    || Grantha 's of : Baudhayan ||
    Value of pie was first calculated by
    Baudhayan and given in Sulva Sutra
    Applied Geometry in Sulba Sutras
    by John Price (EN Article)
    Baudhayan Srauta Sutra SN-EN
    बुधायण श्रौत सुत्रं
    Article on Baudhayan Sulbha, and Mathematics
    Baudhayan (EN) | बुधायण
    Pythagoras and Sulba Sutra of Veda(EN)
    by Bipin R. Shah
    Sulab Sutras Mathematics in ancient india
    by AmartyaKumar Dutta (EN Article)
    History of Indian Science( Premendra talk)
    The Baudhayana Sulba Sutra of the Vedic text
    Katyayana Kalpa Sutra is known to us today
    Eternity and Infinity
    - Since ganita was done for its practical
    applications, Indian texts from the
    ancient sulba sutra-s, through the
    5th c. Aryabhata to the 16th c. Yuktidipika
    || Grantha 's of : Mahaviracharya ||
    In Jain literature (500 B.C -100 B.C),
    Jain Guru Mahaviracharya wrote
    Ganit Sara Sangraha in 850A.D.
    In it quadratic equations etc. works
    is given, which is the first textbook on
    arithmetic in present day

    Ganit Sara Sangraha
    of Mahavir Acharya (EN) by B.S.Jain
    || Literature & Grantha Sahitya of : Varahamihira, & NagarJuna ||
    || Grantha 's of Varahamihira ||
    Varahamihira made great contributions
    in the fields of hydrology, geology
    and ecology. In thirty second chapter
    of Varahmihira 's Brhat Samhita,
    Earthquake cloud theory
    is given by Varahmihira.
    Varahamihira ’s Jyotish or Astrology
    predictions were so accurate that
    king Vikramaditya gave him the
    title of ‘Varaha’.
    Brihat Samhita of Varaha Mihira
    with English Translation
    बृहद् संहिता संस्कृत-इंग्रजी
    Brihat Samita of Varah Mihara (EN)
    बृहद् संहिता इंग्रजी
    Brihat Jataka of Varaha Mihira (EN)
    The Brahma Sphuta Siddhanta
    SN-HN Mentioned by
    Varaha Mihira in Pancha Siddhantika.
    || Grantha 's of : NagarJuna ||
    In 10th century, NagarJuna succeeded
    in making an element with
    gold-like shine. Till date, this technology
    is used in making imitation jewelry,
    given in : RasaRatnakara &
    Rasendra Mangalam
    Rasendra Mangalam
    by Nagarjuna (SN-EN )
    रसेन्द्रं मंगलम् ( संस्कृत-ईंग्रजी )
    MulaMadhyamaka Karika
    by Nagarjuna (150 c.e.) (EN)
    -TR by Mark S. & Shoryu Katsura
    मूलमध्यमक्कारिका -ईंग्रजी
    The Wisdom of Nagarjuna (EN)
    Zen Teachings of Nagarjuna(EN)
    || Grantha Sahitya of : Atreya, Charak, Susruta, & Patanjali ||
    Grantha of
    || Atreya, Charak, Kasyapa, Susruta ||
    Atreya Samhita is oldest medical
    book of the world. Charak is called
    the father of ayurvedic medicine and
    Susruta the father of surgery.
    Susruta, Charak, Madhava,
    Vagbhatta and Jeevak were noted
    ayurvedic practitioners.
    Download there hon. works from our
    Sushrut Samhita (EN) Translation
    सुषृत संहिता इंग्रजी भाषांतर
      Download part :
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    Charaka Samhita Hindi
    - by Kaviraj Shree Atirdevaji Gupta
    चरक संहिता हिंदी
    Kasyapa Samhita (SN) कश्यप संहिता संस्कृत
    || Grantha of
    Patanjali YOGA Science ||
    Physical yoga is called Hathyoga
    use for removing a disease and restoring
    healthy condition to the body &
    Rajayoga is mental yoga used for
    self realization and liberation from
    bondage by achieving physical mental,
    emotional and spritiual balance etc.
    These are systematically presenting
    by Patanjali in
    Patanlali Yog Sutras
    Yog Darshan (SN) by Patanjalya
    पातांजली योग दर्शन संस्कृत
    Hindi Book : Patanjalya Yog Darshan( Complete)
    by Gita Press
    पातांजली योग दर्शन हिंदी
    Yoga Sutas of Patanjali HN-EN translation
    पातांजली योग सुत्रं हिंदी-इंग्रजी भाषांतर

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